Modern and handmade rugs Tamworth, Staffordshire

We offer a full range of rugs from contemporary to hand woven. We are currently selling a large selection of our rugs on Ebay.

Handmade rugs

When handmade rugs first began to be copied by machine, the advantages on cost were obvious. Nowadays, the cheapest handmade oriental rug is not much more expensive than its machine-made copy. In intrinsic value, however, there can be no comparison.

The endearing, everlasting beauty of a true handmade oriental rug can never be reproduced by a machine. Like a fine wine, the oriental rug improves as it matures and ages. A fine, good quality rug has a long life, eternal beauty and can be passed down through generations as a treasured family heirloom.

Modern rugs

Modern rugs perfectly suit today’s requirements in the field of interior decorating. They bring comfort and design in your living or dining area as well as in hallways or stairs. Their modern look, whether it is soft or contrasting, highlights your floor and furniture alike. These quality products are available in a traditional, modern and a soft natural version.

Contemporary rugs

The cutting edge of contemporary design allows you to make a personal style statement in your home. A variety of materials are used, including some smooth materials such as bamboo.

Mats and matting

Polypropylene, textured and needle felt mats

These are weather proof, do not fade, and are virtually indestructible. The aggressive texture constructions make them good for trapping grit etc.

Rubber mats

We stock a wide range of rubber mats, from thin ribbed to very heavy texture, water, slip and spike proof.

PVC backed mats/nylon wool mats

These have a good dust and water barrier, are easily cleaned and often supplied as loose mats. Due to its exceptional moisture absorbency and dirt trapping properties, PVC backed coir is the long proven standard entrance matting material.