Real wood and laminate floors Tamworth, Staffordshire

Laminate flooring

We have over 30 years of experience installing laminate floors alongside other traditional floors. Lakin Carpet & Flooring Co Ltd installed the first ever laminate floor in the UK on 21 March 1984.

firstlaminateSimply stated, laminate flooring is a multi-layered, wood-based floating floor system that replicates the appearance of hardwood, stone, ceramic tile and other more expensive flooring options. It is available in strips, planks, and squares and has specific features that make it easy to install and practical to maintain.

Improvements in manufacturing technology and in the various components of laminate flooring have created a modern, practical and versatile flooring product that is capturing a significant share of the flooring market.

Care and maintenance

Normal cleaning can be taken care of with vacuuming. A simple damp mopping is a good idea on an occasional basis.

Don’t use soap, wax or polish since they will leave a film behind, making the floor look greasy. Stains can be wiped away easily with a soft cloth and laminate cleaner or denatured alcohol. Do not, however, scrub with steel wool or any other coarse material.

As an added precaution, use felt pads under furniture legs and pads or plastic wheels under chair legs.

Real wood flooring

It’s hard to put your finger on it, but there’s something about a real wood floor that just brings a room together.

All the beautiful things that make up your home are somehow even more so. And surprisingly, your not-so-beautiful furnishings are transformed as well (and let’s face it, we don’t all have decorator-perfect homes.) Maybe it’s the old sofa that suddenly takes on a relaxed charm; the inherited end table becomes quaint, not clunky; the favourite arm chair, surprisingly now endowed with extraordinary character.

In a sense, the power of wood floors extends well beyond the realm of decor. If you believe that beauty holds sway over the mind, it’s not hard to imagine a wood floor as the foundation of your personal sanctuary – a calming influence far away from such worldly concerns as early-morning meetings, traffic jams and obsessive bosses.

While we can’t claim to be a remedy for everything life brings, there is one thing we can say with certainty: a real wood floor can make your home look good.

We supply a wide range of real and engineered wood brands, including Tuscan and BOEN.

Real wood maintenance advice

polishing-floorA good rule of thumb is to vacuum and/or dust mop weekly. A damp mop can be used for spills and general clean-up on floors which have non-waxed polyurethane or a similar surface finish.

When traffic areas of surface finishes begin to show significant wear, screening, scuff sanding the finish surface and re-coating an entire floor is the least involved choice for maintenance.

If a floor is waxed, occasional buffing helps renew the shine and remove scuff marks that may appear in the wax coating. If the shine cannot be renewed in heavily used lanes, occasionally re-waxing these areas may be necessary. Intervals for completely re-waxing a floor may extend to a year or longer when attention has been paid to proper care.

Wood and water don’t mix. No matter what finish your wood floor has, we recommend never pouring water on the floor. While a damp mop may be used on polyurethane and other surface finishes in good condition, excessive amounts of water seep between the boards and into small scratches, causing deterioration of finishes. A damp mop should only be damp to the touch. It should be thoroughly wrung and not dripping. Wax-coated finishes should NEVER be cleaned or maintained with water, not even a damp mop. Water can cause a wax finish to be dull or leave water spots.