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High-Quality, Modern, and Handmade Rugs
in Tamworth, Staffordshire

From stylish and contemporary designs to handwoven products, we have a range of items that have the potential to bring your home together. Based in Tamworth, Staffordshire, we’re renowned for the selection of modern and handmade rugs that we have available at Lakin Carpet & Flooring Co. Ltd. No matter the interior of your property, we have something to match. Many of our items can be purchased from eBay™ or you can come and speak to a specialist in store.

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Handmade Rugs

When handmade rugs first began to be copied by machine, the advantages on cost were obvious. Nowadays, the cheapest handmade oriental rug is not much more expensive than its machine-made copy. However, in intrinsic value, there can be no comparison between the two.

The endearing, everlasting beauty of a true handmade oriental rug can never be reproduced by a machine. As the saying goes, oriental rugs improve as they mature and age – just like a fine wine. High-quality rugs will have a long life. Meaning that their eternal beauty and can be passed down through generations as a treasured family heirloom.

Modern Rugs

Modern rungs bring comfort and style to your living room or dining area! Not only this, but they can also be perfectly placed in hallways and on stairs. Thanks to their design and look, modern rugs are ideal for complementing your home’s up-to-date interiors, highlighting floors and pieces of furniture. We have a collection of modern rugs available, including traditional, modern, and soft, natural options.

Contemporary Rugs

Make a personal style statement in your home with one of our contemporary rugs! Their cutting-edge appearance is perfect for adding a unique appearance to your property. Our selection of contemporary rugs are made from an assortment of materials, including bamboo.

Rug Maintenance

To remove any surface dirt from your rugs, we suggest carrying out a light vacuum on a day-to-day basis. It’s also advised that you use the attachments that come with your vacuum to clean under any furniture, to avoid dust from spreading onto the rug. Moths – a rug’s natural enemy – are attracted to natural fibres and dark places, which is why we advise cleaning around any hidden places in your home. To help protect your rug from moths and colour fading, the rug should be lifted and turned on a regular basis, especially if any part of it is under furniture.

When arranging your furniture, it is wise to have some form of protection under the legs to prevent the carpet fibres from being crushed. Avoid sharp castors or narrow legs, and move furniture around from time to time. Never lay an oriental rug on a damp floor as the wet can cause rot, and always seek professional help if the rug needs cleaning. If it is necessary to store a rug for any length of time, take care to pack it with moth repellent.

Mat Maintenance

If matting is loose, it can easily be lifted, taken outside, and brushed or beaten to remove dirt. If it is fixed in a certain position, then vacuum cleaning as thoroughly and regularly as possible is best. Manmade fibres can be cleaned by washing methods. Whereas natural fibre, such as coir, should not be cleaned in this way.

Mats and Matting

PVC-Backed coir - COTTON - Wool/NYLON Mats

These have a good dust and water barrier, are easily cleaned, and often supplied as loose mats. Due to its exceptional moisture absorbency and
dirt trapping properties, PVC-backed coir is the long-proven standard entrance matting material.

Polypropylene, Textured, and Needle Felt Mats

Weatherproof, resistant to fading, and virtually indestructible, the aggressive texture constructions make them good for trapping grit.

Rubber Mats

From thin ribbed to very heavy texture and water, slip, and spike proof, we stock a wide range of rubber mats.