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in Tamworth, Staffordshire

At Lakin Carpet & Flooring Co. Ltd, we’re proud to have our very own specialist flooring design studio! Situated in Tamworth, Staffordshire, we’re Amtico & Karndean recommended retailers, and we allow you to test different vinyl flooring panels, tiles, and strips within our showroom. This enables you to make an informed decision about what you’re buying. What’s more, our dedicated staff members are fully trained in the latest floor coverings and sub-floor preparation techniques. So, if it is a modern vinyl floor you are after, we are your first port of call.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank

Made from an exceptionally durable form of customised vinyl, decorative vinyl flooring replicates all the beauty of natural flooring materials with none of the practical drawbacks. While being virtually indistinguishable from the materials which inspire our designs, decorative vinyl offers significant advantages in terms of design capability, maintenance, and cost.

Decorative Vinyl Maintenance

A list of dos and don’ts:

· Use quality fibre mats at entrances to minimise dirt and grit being brought in from outside. (Warning: avoid rubber-backed mats as some types can cause permanent floor discolouration).
· Use protective pads under furniture legs to prevent fine scratches.
· Use load-bearing castors to prevent indentation from heavy items of furniture.
· Mop up spillages as soon as possible to prevent spots becoming stains. Use of the Dim Glow floor protector should ensure better protection from most substances

Do Not:
· Slide or drag appliances or furniture across the floor.
· Allow cigarettes or other hot items to come into contact with the floor as they can cause permanent damage.
· Apply thick coatings of Dim Glow floor protector.
· Do not use any cleaning products as some contain agents that can damage the floor.
· Allow silicone-based products, such as furniture polish or glass cleaner, to come into contact with the floor. These can make the floor very slippery.
· Allow rubber-backed mats or rubber footed furniture to come into contact with the floor. Permanent discolouration may occur.

Cushion Vinyls

When you opt for cushion vinyl floor, you’re choosing breath-taking colour, refreshing cleanliness, and outstanding practicality. With designs ranging from highly intricate to simple and elegant, we have a range of products to browse through. Not only will it look great, but it will also give your home the beauty of natural tile and wood without the hard, cold drawbacks. And the product is guaranteed to last! The cost of installing quality cushion floor is usually less than that of other smooth floors.

We stock a wide range of cushion floors from major manufacturers, including:
· Tarkett
· Gerflor™
· Leoline™
· Forbo™
· Nairn Cushion

Cushion Vinyl Maintenance

Cushion floor can be cleaned using a mild solution of neutral detergent in warm water. Abrasive cleaning agents, or those that claim to need no rinsing, should not be used.